Battle Talent Wiki

The cheat menu is essentially a way to get godlike powers in the game. In order to unlock it you need to solve this riddle made by chainmail pickaxe in the battle talent discord server “ A full hint guide to the Creatively Hidden Earnings and Attributes Tampering System Menu (C.H.E.A.T.S Menu)

Unlocking the menu hint

Legends oft speak of a secret of wealth

A secret to alter your mana and health

In order to harness this secret of old

Step out of the conflict and yeet tenfold!

Cryptic secondary hint

Believe me, this cheat menu has really shaped the discord server. Really, it has! Incredible how this secret has evolved. Describing it has taken many forms, yeet tenfold, auditory tone... Guessing the method of unlocking it was fun for me and many others. Especially with the server so keen on keeping it a secret ;)

Opening the menu hint

In the heat of a battle, hear a familiar sound

Look to the right, then look straight down

If your confusion remains and persits

Just calm down and remember: you have two wrists.

Closing the menu hint

Now that you've harnessed the secret of old

To close it remember: you need not be bold

Repeat just what you were last told

Then as it grew it then refolds

Note: Any attempt to spoil the answers to these riddles will be met with scorn and discontent. Please refrain from ruining this sacred secret for others. Keep it to DMs if anything at all.“